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Modern and Professional Business ID Card Design - Free Download

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This business ID card design is a great way to create professional and stylish ID cards for your employees. The design is simple and easy to customize, making it perfect for a variety of businesses.


  • Blue and white color scheme
  • Circle design element
  • Space for a logo
  • Placeholder text for employee information (name, job title, ID number, etc.)
  • Terms and conditions section

How to Use the Design

  1. Download the AI file from the link below.
  2. Open the AI file in Adobe Illustrator or a similar vector editing program.
  3. Edit the text to include your employee's information.
  4. Add your company's logo.
  5. Save the file and print the ID cards.

Download the Business ID Card Design

This business ID card design is available for free download! Click the button below to download the AI file.

Modern and Professional Business ID Card Design

Benefits of Using Business ID Cards

There are many benefits to using business ID cards for your employees. Some of the benefits include:

  • Improved security: ID cards can help to improve security by making it easier to identify authorized personnel.
  • Professionalism: ID cards can help to project a more professional image for your business.
  • Employee identification: ID cards can help to identify employees to customers and clients.
  • Discounts: ID cards can be used to provide employees with discounts on products or services.

We hope you find this business ID card design helpful!

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